At Harold Newsome Ltd we thrive off being devoted and giving back to our community. We are active donators to JustGiving - where we help out as many charities and organisations as possible. It's important for us to help out in any way we can. We sponsor events run by our local communities and various junior football teams - usually of the sons and daughters of the people we have working at Harold Newsome Ltd.  Currently, we are the proud sponsors of two rugby teams, one that is local to us in Leeds and the other being in London. 

If you think we can help you or your event out in any way possible please do not hesitate to contact us!


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“Thank you so much for your donation. Your help means the world to us and the children of Leeds Children's Charity. We're now one more step closer to brightening children's lives. Thank you from Leeds Children's Charity.” 

"Thank you for fundraising for PAPYRUS, with your support we can help save more young lives. Your kind support will help ensure that vulnerable young people in the UK are able to access practical advice & professional support to help them stay safe if things get tough."


"On behalf of the staff and Trustees of Derian House Children's Hospice, thank you so much for all your support, time and hard work with your fundraising event. The money you have raised, no matter how big or small, will be put to effective use at the hospice. We need almost £4 million every year to keep the hospice running and continue with the care we provide, so every single penny counts. Thank you once again for thinking of the children at Derian House."

"From the family carer who desperately needs advice on a Sunday evening when little other help is available, to the daughter struggling to make sense of recent changes in mum's behaviour, your recent gift of £2,000.00 means so very much to people facing dementia. Once again, on behalf of Dementia UK, Admiral Nurses and the carers we support, thank you for helping us be there for families facing dementia."


"Thank you very much for your donation. It really means a lot to me and to National Autistic Society."

- Paul Brackstone.


"Thank you so much for supporting The National Autistic Society. We really appreciate your support of our important work to help people with autism and their families."

"Physical, financial and emotional support. That's what your monthly gift of £200 provides to people living with cancer. When Carol didn't know how to tell her kids, we talked her through it. When Richard wanted to work flexibly, our Work Support team ensured he got the right equipment to do so. When Saima called our Support Line, she found a listening ear on the other end of the phone.


It's people like you that make all this possible – thank you, Harold Newsome Ltd."


"Hi, this is Emily Wragg here and I am the CEO of Candlelighters. You recently made a donation to us, and I’d like to confirm receipt of this, and to say thank you.
Life is more difficult for us all right now, but for the families who we support, whose lives have already been turned upside down, life is even more challenging. Families remaining at home continue to shield, and our families currently on the oncology ward at Leeds Children’s hospital have been split apart, with only one parent able to stay with their child and visits no longer possible. Many families are crippled with anxiety, and worried about what the future holds. Your generous support is helping to make this happen and together, we will bring light to families affected by childhood cancer, in these darkest of times. Thank you from me, and from all of us at Candlelighters."