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Steel Specialists

Industry Leader and Innovator since 1937

Commercial & Retail

Our commercial and retail projects range from head offices, retail parks and car showrooms to supermarkets and coffee shops. These schemes often rely on intricate steel frame design to deliver thought provoking and original retail spaces to the consumer.

HNL's in house design of 10 structural engineers and 9 drafts-person have a wealth of experience and are perfectly situated to deliver these projects from conceptual design through to finished article. We've worked directly for several of the sectors biggest brands, including Lidl, Aldi, Bentley, Arco, Starbucks & Costa Coffee.

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Our industrial work covers projects for essential infrastructure including warehouse and distribution, manufacturing, energy, and waste – important spaces that keep the country supplied with must have products and goods.


Dale Street, Manchester

Delivering high quality steel to residential accommodation in a variety of sectors, from apartment blocks in Manchester to student housing developments in Burnley. A steadily rising global population and more people living in large cities, the need for new and updated infrastructure is growing.

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Healthcare & Education

We’re proud to work on projects focusing on supplying the very best outcomes for students and academic staff. Adequate health and social care are vital to society that’s why we are thrived to provide high quality steel to meet the needs of our clients’ projects. Whether it’s projects such as hospitals, colleges, universities, or schools – we take pride in providing the foundations for places that grow with the people that use them.

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Leisure & Community

Burnley Football Club, Turf Moor

Re-energising communities, we work closely with clients to deliver facilities that provide excellent spaces that help people to stay healthy, active, and happy. 

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